I'd like to commission a chalk lettering piece. How do we get started?
Wonderful! Can't wait to hear from you. The process for chalkboards is a little different from calligraphy, since each piece is an original, one-of-a-kind design:

  • First thing is to contact me and share as much information about your ideas as possible - deadline, size, style, text, theme, and of course whether it will be a mural or an individual board. Feel free to ask about matching your wedding or  brand colors, or incorporating your logo.  Every project is different, and we'll chat back and forth - over email, phone, or if you're local, coffee - until the vision is clear.
  • Then, a 50% non-refundable retainer confirms your order and secures your spot on my calendar. 
  • After that, I'll take to my sketchbook and draw up a sketch of your chalkboard, making decisions about the layout, lettering style, and any illustrations to be included. You can expect to see your sketch(es) by email for review. More than one round of revisions will add to your final project cost.
  • When you are happy with the design, then I get out the chalk and start hand-lettering your project.

Can you do a quick sign for a party this weekend?
Unfortunately, I'm not able to take on rush orders at this time.

Are you just using regular chalk? Doesn't it smudge?
I've done quite a bit of experimenting, and regular old-school white chalk is my favorite medium of all: it can't be beat for brightness, sharpness of line, and ability to create all sorts of different textures on the board.

If your signage is temporary or won't be touched - i.e., it's high up on the wall - traditional chalk can be a great choice. My murals for Third Perk Coffeehouse and Sherwood Florist were lettered in old-school chalk, for example.

But yes, for signage that's completely smudge-free, I can also work with oil-based "china markers" and oil pastels. The signs for Oakwood Winter Market and Twist Cupcakery were done this way. Can you tell the difference? 

If I'm ordering a chalkboard sign, do you provide the chalkboard?
Yes, I'm actually pretty handy with an electric drill and a paint roller. Please note that framing is not included.